Is the family law ‘adversarial’ approach out of date?

mother and daughter reading book

The 4th update from Mr Justice Ryder regarding ‘The Family Justice Modernisation Programme’ was published recently and a couple of comments within the update were of more than a passing interest to those of us who want to see radical change in the system. The first was the acknowledgement by the senior judge who is […]

Why the Government is ‘right’ about shared parenting legislation

shared parenting legislation father and daughter playing

Zoe Saunders (a family barrister at St John’s Chambers) recently penned an article on The Lawyer website headed ‘Why the Government is wrong about shared parenting legislation‘. Zoe’s article explained why in her view the Government was wrong to say they were going to develop legislation emphasising the importance of both parents. Zoe Saunders arguments against […]

Deterring malicious lies & false allegations

man swearing on oath with fingers crossed behind his back

Sir Nicholas Wall, President of the Family Division took the unusual step today of sitting in open court so the public could be informed that a father was not a paedophile and the allegations against him from the mother of their child were false and the mother knew they were false. The mother had been found to […]

Children the arbiters / Voice of the child

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More and more it would appear Courts are allowing children to determine if their relationship with a parent continues or the extent of that relationship, children are the arbiters in many contact and residence cases. Judges and CAFCASS will at times allow the snapshot wishes and feelings of children given to a Family Court Adviser […]

The reform of relocation cases

relocation moving boxes

Michael Robinson of The Custody Minefield & Relocation Campaign has for me produced another excellent article in Family Law Week this week regarding the slow but now moving process of reform in relocation cases. It’s hard hitting and well argued as usual with Michael and what’s more important, it rings true in my experience of many relocation […]

Parental alienation awareness in the family courts

parental alienation

Parental alienation has been recognised by many in the family law courts for some time and is increasingly used alongside implacable hostility or adverse influence to describe important aspects of very difficult cases. These are not terms generally used to describe just difficult or awkward parents, they describe a parent who goes out of their […]

McKenzie Friends (Fee-charging): What can and can’t we do?

children and parents

There are a number of reasons why you might have chosen to represent yourself in court. Perhaps the solicitor or barrister fees are just too expensive, or you’re unable to find one to suit your circumstances. Perhaps you want closer control over how your case is run, or feel that you need more emotional support […]

Child Arrangements Order: Doing the right thing for your children

child arrangements

We all know that separation and divorce proceedings can be potentially difficult. They’re emotionally tricky for the parties involved – but they also have an impact on children, too. Of course, your children are the ones who you want to protect most during this process. This is why the child arrangements you come to post […]

Free family law advice, where can I find it?

free legal advice

The area of family law can be complex and difficult to navigate, especially if you’re also trying to make sense of your own situation by yourself and also support your family. Seeking free family law advice or just a good solid practical view on your case is one way to make the progress of your […]

Parental Responsibility Order & Parental Responsibility Agreement: What are they?

parental responsibility

During divorce or separation dispute cases, the lines which once seemed so clear can easily become blurred. Who is responsible for what regarding the children? Where do one person’s duties start and end once you are separated? A Parental Responsibility Order can be a part of how to clarify these matters, in terms everyone can hopefully […]

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