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Our McKenzie Friends assist a wide variety of people, many who are highly successful in their own chosen areas. However, when they enter the family court system regarding their children and/or finances it will be seen by most as confusing, bureaucratic and not at all logical in its processes and outcomes.

What might be seen as a reasonable and common sense approach outside of the system can often be looked on by the court as wholly unreasonable and damaging. This very commonly causes parties to become frustrated and baffled about why the court does not work as they and many others outside of the system would expect it to.

The family court system because of a variety of long-standing reasons is slow and cumbersome very often. What many would see as fairly simple matters which should be dealt with quickly and fairly are in fact taking a relatively long time to come to any final decision, in the meantime costs in terms of money, time and stress build up considerably. It is therefore crucial not to act in any way that might slow down the process and ensure you assist the system move along as quickly as it can, which is where our McKenzie Friends skills and experience will generally be extremely helpful.

Even if you are a confident speaker in other situations and are well informed regarding the court process, going alone is not generally recommended. A supposedly simple hearing can throw up technical points and important decisions you have to decide on fairly quickly with little or no support available from the court itself many times. Our McKenzie Friends who accompany you into court or attend on remote telephone/video hearings will ensure you are making decisions and putting your case to the court in a manner which is far more likely to get you the results you are aiming for. They will help you to stop making the mistakes that many parties do when they enter the rather bewildering system.

For Court our experienced and knowledgeable McKenzie Friends can provide a succinct Position Statement which will get your view and requirements before the Judge efficiently and appropriately. With our Position Statements, drafted individually for each hearing the Court will be made aware of the arguments in your favour and why it should favour your proposals.

It is imperative to get your view before the Court in the most efficient manner. A Position Statement whether relatively short or more comprehensive in complex cases is vital in your efforts to convince the Court to go with your options.

There are very few times that a well crafted and succinct Position Statement is not necessary so that you achieve the most success you can from your hearing in the circumstances.

At court our McKenzie Friends can at your request talk to the solicitors, barristers representing the other party (or the litigant in person themselves) or assist you in any direct negotiations you may have with them. They will assist you with information about any proposals or other matters that might spring up including legal matters.

Whilst in court our McKenzie Friends will sit next to you or attend remote telephone/video hearings and provide relevant information when necessary. They will have briefed you well immediately prior to the hearing so you can know what is likely to happen in the court. They will remind you of important points you may have discussed prior to the hearing by passing you notes or quietly speaking to you directly. It is far more likely you will understand fully what is happening and be able to respond productively with one of our McKenzie Friends next to you in court.

Assistance with all the processes that happen in court or on remote telephone/video hearings will be provided including submissions, technical points, evidence-in-chief and cross examination. Our McKenzie Friends are knowledgeable and experienced which will give you the tools you need to get the best results in the circumstances.

Having a skilled, knowledgeable and experienced McKenzie Friend next to you in court or assisting you with a remote telephone/video hearing improves your chances of success in the system and makes it far more likely that matters will be settled earlier and far more successfully for you. It will usually make a large difference on the outcome of your case and the time you have to spend within in the system when you are fully informed by our McKenzie Friends of the practical options and making informed decisions when necessary.

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