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Izhaar Ulhaq - McKenzie Friend & Paralegal
LLB (Hons) & LPC (LLM) – Family Law McKenzie Friend and Paralegal Izhaar graduated with an LLB (Hons), swiftly followed by the completion of the...
Carly Graham - McKenzie Friend & Paralegal
Carly has been assisting families as a McKenzie Friend since January 2019 and is the best part of the way through her Bachelor of Laws...
Julie Marsden - McKenzie Friend & Paralegal
LLB (Hons), LLM and LPC – Family Law McKenzie Friend & Paralegal Julie graduated with an LLB (Hons) before going on to complete the LPC...
Haleema Raja - McKenzie Friend & Paralegal
LLB (Hons) & LPC – Family Law McKenzie Friend & Paralegal Haleema graduated with an Honours Degree in Law (LLB (Hons), then going on to...
Colin Brealey - McKenzie Friend & Paralegal
F.Inst.Pa – Family Law McKenzie Friend & ‘Fellow’ Paralegal Colin Brealey has helped families throughout England & Wales at all levels of Court, since 2008....
Jeff Botterill – McKenzie Friend & Paralegal
Jeff Botterill - McKenzie Friend & Paralegal
F.Inst.Pa – Family Law McKenzie Friend & ‘Fellow’ Paralegal Jeff has assisted families at court since 2004 as a family law McKenzie Friend. He has...

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Affordable high quality support Family Law Decisions McKenzie Friend

As your McKenzie Friend we will ensure before and at Court or in Remote Telephone/Video Hearings, you are fully prepared for proceedings whether in children matters or finances. Most often we will provide a Position Statement which will help you put your argument forward in the most effective way for your case. With our assistance a well drafted Position Statement that is succinct and relevant will usually greatly assist you to make progress in your case.

We are experienced and knowledgeable with access to the best and most up to date family law tools to be able to help you in the following areas; child arrangements order, financial remedy order or financial remedies; non-molestation order; prohibited steps order; specific issue order; contact order or spend time with order; residence order or live with order; shared residence order or shared live with order and family law appeals.

We can meet you before you make final decisions about how you wish to proceed and give you information and family law advice that will help you make the best decision in the circumstances for you and your children. It is far better to start on the right path based on good advice and experience than make mistakes large and small along the way.

When you are at Court or in Remote Telephone/Video Hearings, as your McKenzie Friend we will provide support and advice, perhaps assisting with negotiations outside of the Court as you require or remotely prior to the hearing. In Court we will sit next to you and will have briefed you thoroughly regarding what to expect. We will remind you of important points you wish to inform the Court and provide advice on queries which may arise in Court. We will provide information on Points of law and provide questions you may wish to ask witnesses, assist with Submissions and consider Orders that may be drawn up by the parties themselves.

The moral support, taking notes and helping with Court documents are some of the other matters we can assist you with. With the court’s permission (rights of audience (ROA)) we may act as your lay advocate, representing you in court. This may be allowed by the court in cases (but not confined to) where a party has difficulty representing themselves due to a disability or there are serious allegations.

Undoubtedly we will make the whole process far easier for you and crucially help you to achieve the best result you can bearing in mind the circumstances.

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