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A specific issue order (SIO) gives directions from the court to determine a specific question in regard to parental responsibility for a child. The specific issue order may require someone to act positively or require someone to refrain from a certain activity. It is designed to deal with a particular issue relating to a child’s upbringing. Common issues that the court has to determine and then a specific issue order is made is if the parents cannot agree on the school a child should attend or there are certain medical issues to be decided for the child. The specific issue order must be concerned with an issue regarding the upbringing of a child, parental responsibility. The person who to whom a specific issue order is directed may not have parental responsibility. Specific issue orders cannot be made if the effect is the same as an occupation order or non-molestation order; they cannot be made with a view to achieving a result which could be achieved by making a residence or contact order; a local authority cannot look to accommodate, care for or supervise a child with a SIO; and they are not to be used for trivial matters. A specific issue order must be in precise and clear terms.

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