Our Ethos

Best Practice

We recommend the option of mediation as an alternative to litigation. The decision to continue or enter mediation should be balanced against the extent to which it may create harmful delays.

We endeavour to identify and inform about the risks in embarking on a particular course of action.

Roles and Responsibilities

We will consider the papers and information supplied to us before any hearing and will make suggestions and recommendations as we see fit.

We may not have trained as solicitors or barristers and make no warranties or representations of any kind with regard to advice and suggestions and we are not personally responsible or liable for decisions made by the client, the court, or other parties.

Our attendance at court implies that we will liaise and/or negotiate with other parties and/or their representatives or other professionals as appropriate. If so allowed by the judge, we will make notes and put forward suggestions to the judge or the client as appropriate.

Guiding Principles

No child should be denied a full and proper relationship with his or her parents unless it has been shown that such a relationship presents a risk to the child.

The starting point for negotiations when parents separate should be a shared parenting schedule, circumstances and practicalities allowing.

The importance of grandparents and the wider family should be recognised.

Children should spend enough time with both parents to be able to negate any attempts at ‘adverse influence’.

Preventing a child having a relationship with a parent by breaching a court order is normally unacceptable and the law should deal with such breaches promptly.

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