How we can help you

McKenzie Friend

For each court hearing it can be helpful if you provide a succinct professional Position Statement which will get your view and requests before the judge. We can provide guidance as to whether a position statement is necessary for an upcoming hearing. If so our experienced and knowledgeable McKenzie Friends will assist you in drafting a relevant Position Statement that will get your position over to the court in an effective way. They will also sit next to you in court or attend remote telephone/video hearings and can provide advice on any aspect of the conduct of your case, including: (i) Points of law (ii) Issues that you (litigant in person (LIP)) may wish to raise in court. (iii) Questions that you may wish to ask witnesses.

Free initial phone consultation

When you Contact Us if we are not able to speak to you immediately, we will call you back afterwards and provide a free initial phone consultation on the general aspects of your case. No cost and no obligation.

Telephone and email support

With our fixed prices we include reasonable telephone and email support. Or we can provide any extra support at a low cost.

Assistance in court

Even if you are a confident speaker in other situations and are well informed regarding the court process, going alone is not generally recommended. A supposedly simple hearing can throw up technical points and important decisions you have to decide on fairly quickly with little or no support available. Our McKenzie Friends who accompany you into court or can attend a remote telephone/video hearing and will ensure you are making decisions and putting forward your case to the court in a manner which is far more likely to get you the results you want. We will help you to stop making the mistakes that many parents do when they enter the rather bewildering system.

Court documents

The documents that you may wish to put before the court include statements, skeleton arguments, opening and closing submissions are tremendously important. To ensure they will be well received by the judge and anyone else reading them we strongly recommend you have the assistance of our McKenzie Friends. Too often parents will damage their case somewhat or even sabotage it completely by filing and serving documents which are counter-productive in content and poorly drafted. We help you get your view over to the court in an appropriate and an effective way.

Hi Jeff,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being there, at the remote court hearing, for me.
I felt the most supported in nearly 6 years of attending the family court.
Thank you for your expert guidance, you are clearly well trained and experienced and it is what I needed.
You are eloquent but approachable and stopped me feeling overwhelmed by it all.
The response from the Judge towards me was much more positive this time and I felt he took more notice as I had you there for me.
I will definitely use you again, should the need arise.
Kind regards
– Ms H. (Essex)
Hi Jeff, I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your professionalism and support leading up to and at the final hearing on Wednesday. It was much appreciated.
– Mr P. (London)
Colin has been of great support over recent months, offering excellent advice and helping me to stay focussed. His assistance at court was exemplary (certainly gave the opposition many things to think about), kept the objectives on track, both the District Judge and oppositions barrister commended him for his contribution. Oh and ultimately with his help all my objectives were met and indeed surpassed!
– Mr M. (Warwickshire)