Telephone and Email Support

I have just concluded 14 months of litigation which I would not have managed without the invaluable insight and knowledge that Colin possesses.
Having previously had a contact order in place my contact was stopped due to malicious allegations being made against me. I contacted Colin for advice and we set out on a long journey which culminated this last week. 
During the 14 months of litigation Colin held my hand every step of the way helping me to navigate the numerous reports and interviews with Cafcass and Social Services. Colin also guided me through a Finding of Fact hearing listed for a whole day after which no findings were against me. 
Throughout all the ups and downs Colin has been there for me day and night whenever I have needed him and I cannot thank him enough for all the support he has given me.
I no longer consider Colin as just somebody I turn to for advice, but a true friend, thank you.
– Mr V. (Derbyshire)

We are able to provide you with a comprehensive telephone/Skype and email support throughout your family law proceedings or for periods you require it for a relatively inexpensive cost. It can be arranged as a small additional cost to a fixed fee we have arranged with you for an upcoming hearing perhaps.

Often matters might arise during family proceedings that you require some well informed and practical thoughts so you can make the best decision in the circumstances and/or respond appropriately to an event however minor.

Our McKenzie Friends can revert relatively quickly and provide you with an experienced view of the situation that will stand you in good stead when dealing with whatever may have come up. The reassurance and guidance from us that you are responding appropriately and by doing so demonstrating you are reasonable and measured will go a long way to persuade the court to look on you favourably.

Too many times parties show themselves in a poor light to the court and its officials by responding to matters that arise in what most people outside of the family court system may seem as common sense but is looked on as unhelpful by those who work in the system.

It can be immensely helpful to know that you are in the midst of what is a maelstrom of emotions for many on separation and divorce responding to issues in a balanced and measured way, supporting your argument why the court should follow your proposals rather than those opposing your aims.

Unfortunately too many people make the mistake of communicating in an unhelpful manner, often within lawyers letters which can be unnecessarily inflammatory and widen the gulf between the parties. No matter how your former partner may behave when communicating with you it is always wise to respond in a reasonable but assertive fashion. A war of words via lawyer letters or simply between the parties will be unlikely to help you persuade the court to favour you moving forward.

Our McKenzie Friends are skilled and practiced in ensuring with their advice you do not make matters worse or show yourself in a poor light to the court, whatever the provocation may be. It can be crucial to demonstrate over time to the court you are measured in your approach, we can help you achieve this.