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Hi, I'm Jeff, a McKenzie Friend specialising in family law

We provide affordable high quality confidential support in the family courts (England & Wales). You will benefit considerably from our extensive experience and our thorough knowledge in family law matters.
Jeff Botterill Family Law

We assist in children cases, injunctions and financial orders. As your McKenzie Friend we will help you make the best decisions throughout; before any Court proceedings we will give you practical information and support; help with documents; at Court we will sit next to you providing advice and assisting in negotiations with other parties. Our clients often tell us our support is invaluable.

We have a proven track record of helping parents just like you...
  • Result! Jeff helped me to win my Final Hearing so my daughter can now come and stay at my house. Straight talking and knowledgable he was better than my previous barrister and around a quarter of the price. I wish I had known about McKenzie Friends a year ago and would recommend Jeff to any father going through the slow pain that is the UK family court system.
    – Mr S. (Bristol)
  • Jeff, your experience of the English Family Justice System is second to none and you have been invaluable in helping me achieve 50/50 contact for my daughter. Thank you very much for all your help and advice.
    – Mr B. (London)
  • The service Jeff provided me in the very difficult situation, was second to none. I may have been paying for a service but I feel indebted to Jeff. – A very positive result for both of my kids.
    – Mr P. (Greater Manchester)

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  • England & Wales covered
  • Specialist in family law information
  • 2,300+ Court hearings
  • Radically cheaper
  • Skilled work documents
  • Assessment sessions
  • Affordable & high quality
  • Phone/email assistance
  • Indemnity Insurance
  • Low fixed fees
  • Free phone consultation
  • ICO Certified
  • Privacy Policy (GDPR)
  • Established 2008

How Family Law Decisions can help you...

A range of support services to help both you and your children find the perfect solution. Click on one of the boxes below to find out more.

A painless and smooth process...

I highly recommend Jeff Botterill to anyone involved in family court matters. His ultra-sharp advice proved to be very helpful.

I was particularly amazed how good he was at multi-tasking whilst I was cross-examing: he took accurate notes, prompted new questions and drafted submissions, all at the same time and equally well.

Representing myself for the first time at a full-day hearing was emotionally difficult, but his help was reassuring and caling. Thank you Jeff!

DR (Ms) C. - London
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