Sania Mahmood – McKenzie Friend & Paralegal (Family Law)

LLB (Hons) & LPC (LLM) – After graduating with a degree in Law, Sania completed her Legal Practice Course (LPC), Master of Law (LLM) from the City University of London. She completed her Masters’ dissertation specialising in Family law. Sania’s in-depth knowledge and experience of Family Law allows her to effectively assist in resolving difficult family disputes whilst providing clear and informed advice.

Her friendly and practical approach to her clients and their needs allows her to achieve the best outcome possible for themselves and their families. She assists clients by offering an initial consultation, assisting with application forms, drafting positions statements and witness statements and other documents which may be required in proceedings. She also provides her assistance in remote and in-person family court hearings.

Sania aims to provide the best-guided assistance through the provision of informed and reliable support thereby, aiming to reduce the stress faced by families in difficult situations.

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