Assessment and Advice Session

Colin Brealey has been a massive support throughout our recent dealings with the family courts.
My case began as a relatively simple one, seeking to extend my shared residence of my children to include one midweek overnight stay during term time, rather than simply taking them out for tea after school and returning them to their mother.
Things became more complex when false allegations of violence against the children were made by the children’s mother against my fiancée. Social Services intervened, with both my fiancée and I unable to see the children for a period of time whilst investigations took place. Social Services thankfully saw through the allegations and determined that my fiancée posed no risk to the children.
Throughout the entire case, from drafting the initial application to court, accompanying me at court, drafting position statements, advising on dealing with social services, to negotiating a consent order with the other side’s solicitor, Colin’s assistance has been instrumental in ensuring that the final outcome not only met my initial objectives, but in fact exceeded them.
Colin has performed all of these services professionally and to an extremely high standard. I have encountered quite a few solicitors and barristers over the years in the course of mine and my fiancées dealings with the family courts. I would place Colin as at least the equal of the best of those legal professionals.
I should also make mention of Jeff Botterill, who deputised when Colin was unavailable. Like Colin, Jeff also provided a highly professional service, and gave me confidence when appearing in court.
I will forever owe these gentlemen a debt of gratitude for their assistance. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Colin and Jeff.
– Mr T. (Merseyside)

We offer assessment and advice sessions where more specific information and support can be provided on a one to one basis with a highly experienced and knowledgeable McKenzie Friend.

These can be arranged as a face to face meeting or by telephone/Skype as required by you. We find that one or two hours is enough time generally for our McKenzie Friends to look in more detail at your case and provide the information you may require to take matters forward in as successful a way as possible.

Important relevant documents can be read at or before (if copies provided) these assessment and advice sessions so that well informed information can be provided to you on what the best options may be in the circumstances. How we can help you turn around a possible poor situation or ensure you do not make mistakes that will slow or ultimately scupper your aims.

These assessment and advice sessions with our highly experienced McKenzie Friends are frequently seen by our clients as essential to them in formulating tactics and an overall strategy to obtain the best possible results for them and their children.

At times options being pursued or being considered to take forward by a client may after an assessment and advice session be understood to be counter-productive to the overall strategy and may need to re-adjusted to ensure the ultimate aims stand the best chance of being achieved. It is only when sitting down and talking matters through carefully and with an knowledgeable and skilled McKenzie Friend that damaging or unhelpful tactics being presently used are brought to light and can then be rectified to ensure the client's case is far more likely to be successful.

The feedback we receive from those who have had an assessment and advice session with our McKenzie Friends is extremely positive and they generally provide crucial information to those considering or who are already involved in the family law processes.